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cars model diecast are an incredibly fun hobby to get into, but when you first start collecting, you might feel a little overwhelmed.
So here’s a quick guide to frequently asked questions regarding the collecting of diecast cars!
Will my diecast collection make me rich? 
Probably not.  You’re bound to snag something that will, eventually, become a scarcity if you’re a diehard collector, and who knows, you might luck out and make some cash for your retirement fund, but for a real collector, that’s not the point.
Don’t start collecting die cast cars unless you want to for fun, not because you think it’s a sound investment.
If all you want is a retirement fund, try buying and selling real estate.
You buy die cast cars for your inner child, not for your inner responsible adult!
What should I buy?
Whatever you want. Like muscle cars?
Look for diecast muscle cars. Like stock racing?
Look for Nascar cars. Concept cars?
Get some concept 1 18 diecast cars.
Buy what you like. Remember, the main thing is that you’re collecting for fun, not because you need to.
Don’t turn it into a job, treat it like a hobby, because that’s what it is.
How do you maintain a diecast car collection?
Put ‘em on a shelf, a desk or a coffee table and play with them now and then.
Don’t be one of those guys who puts his cars in a glass case or leaves them in the box forever.
Again, you’re probably not gonna get rich on these things, so use them as they were intended to be used: As cool collectibles and as toys. We recommend keeping one at work to goof off with when nobody’s looking.
It makes the day go by that much faster.Where should I shop for diecast cars?
Online shops aimed at collectors are always good, but we strongly recommend that you check out garage sales and flea markets, too.
In the internet age, we can have anything we want shipped to us with the click of a mouse, and we lose out on the fun of discovery.
When was the last time you really just went into a store, having no idea what you wanted to buy, and came out with some rare trinket that you treasure to this day?
That’s really what being a collector is all about, discovering those rare finds.

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