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Autoart car model Brief description

Autoart is a model car company and main manufacturers of die-cast scale model cars and lifestyle items. Autoart make model cars using variety of different makes, scales and models. AUTOart makes diecast model cars, slot racing cars, and in the future radio controlled cars. AUTOart diecast cars, in price and quality, generally fall between Exoto and CMC (at the high end), and Maisto and Bburago (at the low end). They are reputed to have very precise detailing on all features such as: carpeting, wheels & tires, working door handles, seat belts, suspension, engines, sun visor, working door latch, and door/trunk/hood lid dampers. Fully built scale model cars made of die cast metal are very popular among collectors. These models are manufactured in various scales like 1:18, 1:24, 1:48, and 1:43, among others. Examples die-cast model car brands and manufacturers include Maisto, Hot Wheels, Matchbox, Corgi and Yat Ming. List of Makes of Cars Produced by AUTOart * Alfa Romeo * Aston Martin * Audi * Austin Healey * Bentley * BMW * Bugatti * Cadillac * Callaway * Chaparral * Chevrolet/GM Design * Chrysler * Citroen * Dodge * Fiat * Ford * Holden * Honda * HSV * Jaguar * Jeep * Koenigsegg * Lamborghini * Lancia * Land Rover * Lexus * Lincoln * Lotus * Maybach * Mazda * Mercedes-Benz * MG * Mini * Mitsubishi * Nissan * Panoz * Piaggio * Peugeot * Porsche * Saleen * Saturn * Subaru * Toyota * Volkswagen AUTOart ALMS, Brazilian GP, and Super GT 1/18 Models Gateway Global, parent company of AUTOart, has released information on their latest 1:18 scale sealed body shell Motorsports offerings.

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